Instruction For Paper

Here you can find the details for all types of submissions and how to submit your papers.
NOTE: ONLY for author(s) who had their abstract(s) accepted:
Click here to download the Final Submission Template (please fill in with your submission information, according to how is written on the template and your work, deleting the unnecessary text).
Important note: The final submission paper should be complete and it is limited to 7 pages long.
Abstracts must be submitted through our step-by-step Electronic Submission System. We do not accept submission of Abstracts by email.

Step 1 – Author(s) Information

Fill the “Author Information” box by order of representation.
The information of each author must be Complete. These are the contacts that will be used to communicate with the authors.
Important note: This is the ONLY place where you give your personal details – Abstracts CANNOT INCLUDE information about author’s identification in this initial phase.

Step 2 – Paper Information

Type your abstract/paper title in the first box and in “Paper Abstract” box, paste your main text from your abstract paper file – this will guarantee the association of your contact details with your abstract, while the abstract file maintains anonymity for the refereeing procedure.
Then, upload your file in Zip or Winrar formats only – no other formats will be accepted (like .docx or .ppt files).
The file max. size is 5 Mb.
In the “Track” boxes select the topic areas you are submitting to:
1) Select one of the main areas
2) Select the sub-theme(s) corresponding to that main area.
3) Finally select the “Presentation Type”: Oral Presentation, Poster, Virtual Presentation, Workshop or Company Presentation.
4) After accepting abstracts, upload your article.
Final Step – Make sure the mandatory fields are covered and then click the SUBMIT button.
Once you have submitted your abstract, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt. If you don’t receive an email after 24 hours, please contact the congress secretariat.
Please make sure that our emails are not considered as SPAM.

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